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Red Wine Barrel Aged Farmhouse Sour Ale

5.7% ABV  |  35 IBU |  3.6 PH

Aged in red wine American oak barrels for nine months, the delicious stone fruit esters come through with red wine characteristics. It is amber and crystal clear in appearance, with light acidity and a woody, spicy finish.

Oakley Doakley Flanders Style Red Sour

5.3% ABV  |  IBU 18

The Flanders Red is a sour ale brewed with our Perle hops.  Aged in oak barrels, it has distince, sharp, fruity, sour and tart cherry flovors.  Reddish brown in color, its airy acetic acid gives way to intense fruitiness.  Tart, at first, it seques into a robust sour cherry and berry impression.

Barrel Aged Tart Cherry Wild Sour Ale

5.7% ABV  |  IBU 35

This hazy wild sour ale is aged in American white oak barrels and based on our Farmhouse culture. It is cherry in color with hints of mocha and a light nutty quality. It has a clean acidic profile and ends in a delicious tart cherry finish.

Barrel Aged Tangerine Wild Sour Ale

5% ABV  |  16 IBU

Tangerine Sour Ale is a clear golden citrine color resembling a yellow variety of quartz. It has a bitter, citrus nose with a crisp and refreshing tartness. The taste of citrus shines bright above the spicy dry finish of this sour ale. Made with our farms’ Centennial hops.

Barrel-Aged Log Flume Spontaneous Ale

4.2% ABV  |  4 IBU  |  3.2 PH

There is no fruit in this beer. Ingredients include Pale Malt, Pilsner, Marris Otter, White Wheat Malt, Honey Malt and Chinook hops. It was fermented in a cool ship outside.

Barrel Aged Key Lime Sour Ale

4.5% ABV  |  8 IBU

The traditional pale yellow-like center of a key lime is the color of this Key Lime Sour brewed with milk, sugar, graham cracker, and fresh lemons and limes. Made with our farms’ Centennial hops. It is sweet and tart with a delectable dessert delight.

Barrel Aged Flanders Style Red Sour with Pear

4.8% ABV  |  8 IBU  |  3.7 PH

Flanders Style Red has a fruity nose. It is deep copper in color. Using our farm’s lambic cascade hops gives to light acidity and lends for a full pear and grape finish. Aged in a red wine barrel along with loads of Bosh pears.

Barrel Aged Kiwi Sour Ale

5% ABV  |  10 IBU

We added 80 pounds of Kiwi to our base sour ale fermenting for eight months in an American Oak barrel on a #3 charr. The result is a fruity ale that is hazy and golden in appearance. Fresh kiwi and tropical aromas combine with floral notes. We use our farms Centennial hops in this brew

Barrel Aged Flanders Style Red Ale with Frontenac Grapes

6% ABV  |  10 IBU

This Flanders Style Red Ale was aged in French oak barrels that had previously held red wine. Conditioned on Frontenac grapes, this living sour is dark red in color and crystal clear. Sweet, fruity grape flavors burst out. Tannin qualities leave a deep acidic finish.

Barrel Aged Elderberry Blueberry Sour Ale

5% ABV  |  8 IBU  |  3.5 PH

Made with our farms’ Centennial hops, this sour ale is clear, royal and ruby in color with a purple tint. It has a floral, oaky elderberry nose starting out with floral, tart taste transitioning to a smooth, sweet blueberry finish.

Barrel Aged Apricot Wild Sour Ale

4.2% ABV  |  10 IBU  |  3.7 PH

Golden body with a fruity nose accompanied by light acidity. Uses our farms Cascade hops. A generous amount of apricot with a citrus profile. We used our house spontaneous culture to ferment this brew.

Barrel Aged Apple Pie Wild Sour Ale

5% ABV  |  12 IBU

Sour Apple aged in Apple Brandy barrel. Golden in color with a crystal clarity. Mellow fruit esters with smooth acidic ending in an apple finish.

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