Our Beers


The Coffee Pecan Porter is a barrel-aged beer made with pecans, chocolate and special B malt, coffee and our own Nugget hops.  It has a bitter-sweet flavor with a strong coffee finish and hints of toasted pecans.  It carries a malty sweetness with a subtle pecan aroma.


Oakley Doakley Flanders Style Red Sour * ABV 5.3% * IBU 18

The Flanders Red is a sour ale brewed with our Perle hops.  Aged in oak barrels, it has distince, sharp, fruity, sour and tart cherry flovors.  Reddish brown in color, its airy acetic acid gives way to intense fruitiness.  Tart, at first, it seques into a robust sour cherry and berry impression.


Dandy’s Last Stand Barrel-Aged Sour Ale – 6.8% ABV * 20 IBUs * 3.3 ph


The Dandy’s Last Stand is based on our Dandy Belgian Triple.  We couldn’t resist souring this one.  It has a crystal honey golden color with strong barrel characteristics, robust caramel and sour grape flavors.


The Tycoon White Wheat  – 4.3% ABV * 18 IBUs


A golden light body with citrus notes from orange peel & coriander.  Chinook is a golden light body with a clean white head. Brewed with orange peel, coriander and Anderson Hop Farm’s Chinook creating a slightly sweet, citrusy finish.


Amber Waves – 5.5% ABV * 31 IBUs


This malt forward Amber Ale is brewed with Marris Otter and Vienna Malt creating a dark rich caramel color. Anderson Hop Farm’s Nugget hops perfectly balance the beer with toasted malt characters and rich earthy flavors.


Bicentennial IPA – 6.3 ABV  * 50 IBUs


This IPA has a thin malt body with rich honey colors. The centennial hop notes jump out with  piney, grapefruit and citrus aromas.


Barrel Aged Farmhouse Sour – 5.7% ABV * 35 IBUs

Limited Edition


This living sour is aged in American white oak barrels, with a strong malt body featuring delicious fruit esters with hints of vanilla.


OG Sunshine Peach Sour Ale – 6.0% ABV * 18 IBUs

Limited Edition


 The OG Sunshine Peach Sour is a fall seasonal with incredible peach flavor and a pinch of pineapple.  This living sour is funky with earthy tones.


Love Thy Neighbor – Mulberry Sour – 5.0% ABV * 20 IBUs


Barrel aged. Fruity, refreshing, and crisp made with Anderson Hop Farm’s Chinook.


Potsdam Dunkel – 5.2% ABV * 18 IBUs


The Potsdam Dunkel is a crisp, clean lager with a thick, frothy head and robust caramel notes brewed with the Perle hop, an old German Nobel variety.


West Branch Elderberry – 6.1% ABV * 30 IBU


West Branch Elderberry was brewed in collaboration with West Branch Fruits.  This American Oak Barrel Aged Sour has a strong elderberry nose with a tart finish.  The elderberries lend a berry, fruity, earthy and bitter taste to the beer finishing with a smooth sour taste.  West Branch is a deep red color with a frothy pink head.


Pheasantennial Vienna Lager – 5.7% ABV * 20.6 IBUs


Pheasantennial is a beautiful copper colored Vienna Lager with light hop characteristics featuring Cascade and Nugget hops.  Munich malt and Vienna malt lend a surprisingly robust malt body with hints of toasted malt and floral hops.


Claim Shack Pale Ale: – 5.5% ABV * 42 IBU


This American Pale Ale is brewed with honey malt, Maris Otter and Anderson Hop Farm’s Chinook and Cascade which give way to a lightly floral bitterness complimented by caramel undertones.  Starts with a hoppy punch and transitions to a golden malt body.

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